Five Songs, 5/11/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/11/2019


Buck-O-Nine, "Tear Jerky"

I often wonder at the functioning of the human brain. I frequently have trouble using the correct "M" name for the various folks and dogs who live in this house with me (in my defense, I've never used the dog's name for one of the humans, but that time is probably coming). But I can still whistle along to the horn lines of forgotten ska records. Good use of gray matter there!

The Mr. T Experience, "Love American Style"

Say this about MTX - they're not really going to show up in the "Screeching Weasel or Not Screeching Weasel?" game. Dr. Frank's vocals are just too distinctive and too easy to pick out.

The Fall, "And This Day"

Oh god, this goes on for ten minutes.

I pulled up the video on YouTube to add it to the playlist, and now I have two copies of it running at once. I think I like it better!

Also, this appears to be a repeat.

Johnny Cash, "Streets of Laredo"

This comes from American IV: The Man Comes Around, which (as the title implies) is the fourth record he made with Rick Rubin. As with the others, it's a mixed bag, with some standout re-interpretations (everybody's heard his interpretation of "Hurt" by now) and some lovely standards, like this one. There are some covers that fall pretty flat, but it's never bad, just sometimes a bit leaden.

Coil, "Things Happen"

We had a song from Coil's Horse Rotorvator the other day, and here we have a song from their follow up album, the extremely creepy Love's Secret Domain. As with Horse Rotorvator, you're never really sure what to make of all this, but it's all masterfully put together and is tremendous at creating a mood.

The Jesus Lizard, "Tight 'n Shiny"

Have we had the Jesus Lizard? It's been a long time if we have. The guys in the Jesus Lizard had been in bands before (Davids Sims and Yow were in Scratch Acid, Duane Denison was in Cargo Cult), so they hit the ground running with the first album, Head. From the moment they started, they immediately sounded fresh: the unstoppable rhythm section, Denison's demended jazz-inflected noise genius, and of course, Yow's wigged out vocal spasms. While they would hit their peak with their next album, this record is absolutely worth getting if you like noise rock at all.

Joshua Buergel
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