Five Songs, 5/12/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/12/2019

Here's today!

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Born Bad"

Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015 was a throwback for the Blues Explosion, bringing back the stripped down sound that they had really moved away from after Now I Got Worry. It's pretty much just back to two guitars, Jon's strange yelping/posturing, and of course Russel Simins wrecking it on the drums. What's nice about it is that it doesn't really sound like a throwback, it mostly sounds like a lost recording from that time. Which is great!

STS X RJD2, "Don't Get Played"

We just had a track from this album the other day, and it's nice to hear another cut. This album is seriously good, y'all!

The Magnetic Fields, "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing"

It's a fine line that Stephen Merritt is walking between touching and twee for most of his work. And, let's face it, he probably spends most of his time on the wrong side of the line. But this song, due mostly to the vocals, is pretty charming.

The Miracles, "You've Really Got A Hold On Me"

Before they were Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, they were just The Miracles. And of course they were great! Robinson was amazing, Motown was amazing. This was one of their big early hits.

Black Eyes, "Spring Into Winter"

A short lived Dischord band, Black Eyes played post-punk with a strange lineup and stranger vocals. There's a little bit Nation of Ulysses here, and a whole lot of art rock going on here. I think it ultimately doesn't hang together quite right, but there are moments.

Joshua Buergel
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