Five Songs, 5/16/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/16/2019

Here's today, but check out the bonus song I link down below.

The Goats, "Rumblefish"

The second Goats album seemed like it was chasing the trends of early 90s rap, with plenty of stabs towards rock, jazz, and other types of hybrid styles. It doesn't hang together particularly well, and it's mostly forgettable. There are some fun moments on the album, but overall, it's a miss.

They Might Be Giants, "Someone Keeps Moving My Chair"

The opener to the second side of Flood, the album that really put the group on the map. And while it has some truly great tunes on that first half, my HOT TAKE here is that the second half is only so-so. It's that second half that puts this album nowhere near the top of my favorite albums from TMBG.

Minutemen, "Monuments"

There are only two songs on the entirety of The Punch Line that are longer than a minute, and both of those only barely. The Minutemen are considered a hardcore band primarily because they were part of the California scene that birthed hardcore (at least, on that coast). But this album also presented the band's bona fides for the band's music being part of that scene. They would settle down some on the speed with later albums, letting things stretch out a bit, but they never really lost the spirit of hardcore.

Flying Lotus, "Cold Dead"

I don't think I'm allowed to talk about this, but it's great! Flying Lotus rules!

Snoop Dogg, "Stoplight"

There's always a careful line to walk with G-funk. To really nail it, it has to sounds like it exists in a continuum with Parliament, a modern take on the same kinds of grooves. But if it's not careful, it sounds instead like a sad kind of knockoff, and mostly just makes you want to listen to the original to get the taste out of your mouth. Ears. Whatever. Get a fuckin' load of Bernie Worrell's groove on that shit!

Joshua Buergel
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