Five Songs, 5/13/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/13/2018

OK, let's see if we can do better than that low energy thing yesterday. Whatcha got, shuffle?

Dawnbringer, "Nobody There"

Pure heavy metal revivalism, Dawnbringer has decided to see if they can just play this stuff totally straight and manage to not sound totally cheesy. Do they pull it off? Well...I don't know. It's reasonably well done, I guess, but by and large I'd pretty much rather just listen to Sabbath. Decent for an occasional change of pace.

Daft Punk, "Rock'n Roll"

I kind of blew off talking about Daft Punk last time, because honestly, who hasn't heard "Get Lucky". Here, we've got a track from Homework, the long-ago debut record from the duo. They were still obsessed with disco, but had lots of house and even a little bit of electro funk going on. Overall, it's just a fun electronic that doesn't take itself seriously - it's bold, interesting, and well worth checking out. As their career goes on, the disco becomes more and more prominent, so if your tastes run more towards the house end, this is your record.

Sicko, "Bad Situation"

With most bands that have different singers, I usually have a marked preference for one or the other. They Might Be Giants, for instance, I am very much Team Linnell. Not so with Sicko. I think if I added it all up, I might prefer Denny's songs over Ean's (he's the one singing today), but it's very close, and maybe another day I might change my mind.

Dance Hall Crashers, "Othello"

This comes from a compilation that they made of their older material, gathering basically all of their 80s stuff onto one record. The key thing, the vocal harmonies, are present so it's a perfectly pleasant album to listen to.

Wilco, "Shrug and Destroy"

Catching Wilco in almost an Elliott Smith mood here. I haven't really been that happy with the last couple Wilco records. I think Star Wars is an unfocused mess with nothing memorable on it, and Schmilco (which this comes from) is better, but still very forgettable.

Joshua Buergel
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