Five Songs, 5/12/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/12/2018

Pretty uninspiring today.

Hurl, "Faceman"

Another fine song from old Pittsburgh band Hurl. There's an expansiveness, a warmth here that's really pleasant to listen to.

Negativland, "In The Beginning, So Many Different Kinds Of Gods..."

Yeah, I'm kind of mad at some of the choices that Past Josh made. This is, of all damn things, a live album of a recreation of a radio show.

And, look, I couldn't get this "song" uploaded. My conversion things keep crashing. So, screw it, we're going to do an extra today.

Has-Lo, "Tinnitus"

From A Singular Point of Light, I like the samples built into this song. It's very shimmery.

The Flaming Lips, "7 Skies H3 (Main Theme)"

I kind of feel like today isn't really going anywhere. Look, they can't all be winners around here. Sorry, y'all.


Just Blaze does his best here. I decided to go watch El-P on Rhythm Roulette instead.

Mercury Rev, "I Collect Coins"

Mercury Rev were a psychedelic rock band that was wandering around in adjacent spaces to the Flaming Lips. This comes from Deserter's Songs, their fourth album, and a great one. Alas, this song is just a little bit of throwaway.

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