Five Songs, 5/11/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/11/2018

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NoMeansNo, "You're Not One"

I was just listening to Wrong today, and was reminded of how awesome it was. Folks, check it out! In the meantime, here's NoMeansNo kicking off the In The Fishtank project, which was a project where an independant label invited bands to record an album in just two days in the studio. Occasionally a couple bands at the same time! NoMeansNo are pros, so of course it sounds great.

Bettie Serveert, "Kid's Allright"

The debut album from Dutch indie rockers Bettie Serveert, this is just a solid rock album. Very enjoyable stuff! I never really followed up listening to them, though, and they produced a bunch of records. Oh, and the name is the name of the band, not the name of the leader of the band (her name is Carol van Dijk).

Sebadoh, "(11 Minute Spoken Wank Courtesy Of Lou's Ego)"

This might be least appealing possible repeat we could have gotten.

Melvins, "The Smiling Cobra"

Yeah, much better. Another song from the double-duo period of the Melvins, listen to this one with the headphones on and the volume up.

Sublime, "Doin' Time"

Sublime were one of the less likely big radio stars of the 90s, melding together punk, ska, reggae, and hip-hop influences with their two albums. It shouldn't have worked, and at least a fair bit of the time it didn't, not really. But "What I Got" and "Santeria" were both fun, and they also hit the market at the time when people were weirdly primed for ska crossover acts. At any rate, the two albums from them were all that they produced, as their frontman died just before the release of the second.

The Temptations, "Check Yourself"

Very early song from the Temptations here.

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