Five Songs, 5/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/15/2021

Rocket From the Crypt, "Shy Boy"

We had a track from this album just a couple days ago, and I guess my opinion hasn't changed in those two days. Still a good record, still not totally put together. This riff is a classic RFTC riff, though.

Firewater, "Another Perfect Catastrophe"

Nice of shuffle to give us a saxophone after hitting us with a sax-less RFTC track. This is a good example of their "wedding band gone wrong" aesthetic right here.

Sugar, "Tilted"

After the breakup of Hüsker Dü, Bob Mould put out a couple solo albums and then formed Sugar, a roaring power-pop band that was perfectly suited for the grunge times. After Copper Blue, their first album, they put out Beaster, an outstanding EP. This song is a great example of what you'll get, with Mould's great songwriting and the clean, big production. It's just a delight.

Mylingar, "Nedstigningen"

Some very discordant death metal here from Sweden here, from a band naming themselves after the ghosts of unbaptized children. I picked this up because of a comparison with Portal, a similarly murky, disorienting death metal band. I'm not sure this really clicked with me, though.

Dance Hall Crashers, "All Mine"

I know it's hacky of me to gawk at the transitions around here, given the entire premise of this blog. And, you know, after 800 or whatever of these damn things, you'd think I'd stop being surprised. But, seriously, COME ON.

Joshua Buergel
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