Five Songs, 5/17/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/17/2022

Mary Wells, "Bye Bye Baby"

A real rager here from the early Motown days from Mary Wells. It's certainly easy to see how this did so well for them.

Labradford, "Disremembering"

Here's a track from the first drone record by Labradford, the record that found them with their most minimal lineup. Labradford was always most effective setting a mood, and I think that the mood comes through the most with fewer tools in the arsenal.

Action Bronson, "Shiraz"

The breakbeat-laden debut record from Action Bronson often kind of comes across as Ghostface-lite. But when it's hitting, when the beats are super fresh, it's delightful. And this jazzy number is my favorite song on the record, just a banger all the way across.

Meat Beat Manifesto, "United Nations (E.T.C.)"

By the time Meat Beat Manifesto reached their 1996 double-album Subliminal Sandwich, they had really begun mellowing out a fair bit. Some of the industrial noises were still there, and they could get frenetic when they wanted to. But they had moved their sound to be more a little more contemplative overall, less abrasive. Me being me, I generally like abrasion in my music so I still like the early stuff better, but Meat Beat Manifesto is always interesting.

J Dilla, "Pause"

Another cut from Welcome 2 Detroit, and just listen to that beat, it's tremendous.

Joshua Buergel
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