Five Songs, 5/18/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/18/2022

DZ Deathrays, "Reflective Skull"

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating - make some friends in Australia and hit 'em up for music recommendations. You can't miss! This is from a different friend than the last time I mentioned this particular life hack, that's how I know that it just works generally.

Circus Lupus, "Cyclone Billy"

Delightful post-hardcore here from the first Circus Lupus record. They would only get better on their second album, but both are excellent if you're into the sound.

People Under The Stairs, "Listen"

Seven albums in, Carried Away finds the People Under the Stairs settled into a groove. They were comfortable at this point banging out what they did best, and were great at it. As usual, it's the beat driving things here, and it's super tasty. I want to spread that on my toast.

Hammerhead, "Anemia"

Speaking of bands that would get better on subsequent releases! Hammerhead's debut record showed them wielding the same blunt instrument they would subsequently employ so well, with them pounding relentlessly away and braying. They would add just a little bit more nuance on the next album (the sublime Into the Vortex, maybe my favorite Amphetamine Reptile Records release), and it would turn out to be the missing element. But that's not to say that the first record isn't good, it's just that they would take a step forward.

Cows, "Shaking"

Speaking of AmRep! One of the musical things I most regret losing were my two CDs that compiled the first four Cows records into a convenient package. I'm not sure where they went, frankly, I can't imagine. They did eventually release Old Gold (1989-91), a collection of the standout tracks from the early years, and frankly, that's probably a better thing to listen to anyway. Those early albums could get a little rough.

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