Five Songs, 5/20/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/20/2022


I need some more high concept entries here. Something where I can actually have a connection between the elements. I'm stymied, of course, by my format. And the fact that I write these as I play the songs, so I don't know what the next song will be as I'm writing about the current song. I guess I could play all five and then write?

Judy and the Loadies, "I'm Not Drunk"

OK, I swear, I was going to try it, and then that terrible trombone bit happened, and I had to mention it. I'm sorry, I'll try again tomorrow!

Clem Snide, "I Believe Your Lies"

After "Moment In the Sun" had its, uh, moment in the sun when it was the theme song to a network television show ("Ed", which I never watched), Clem Snide hustled out an EP featuring it. Complete with a radio edit, which is so unnecessary. Anyway, the three originals are decent, so it's actually a pretty good EP, it's nice that they didn't just mail it in. Unlike, say, industrial acts from the late 80s.

Touché Amoré, "New Halloween"

Unbidden, the name "Torche Amoré" has presented itself to me, and now I can't decide if Torche songs played by Touché Amoré or Touché Amoré played by Torche would be better. Probably the latter, I'm thinking.

Skanic, "Last Call"

But I'd like to hear both versions!

Oh, nice trumpet solo here.

Part Chimp, "Bouncer's Dream"

I don't know a ton about Part Chimp - I only have this one record, and I'm not entirely sure I know much about them other than what I could learn from a shallow web search. Frankly, I don't even really remember listening to it when I got it. So, kinda sludgy here, pretty nice.

Well, that was informative. See you tomorrow!

Joshua Buergel
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