Five Songs, 5/23/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/23/2019

A rare double clueless day!

Radiohead, "We Suck Young Blood"
  1. A carefully placed comma makes this song title pretty funny.
  2. Handclaps are bitchin'.
  3. The recording on this is beautiful.
Summerlands, "Lost My Mind"

Power metal, as a genre, usually features lethal amounts of cheese. By and large, I don't mind some cheese with my music every now and again, but it has to be a rare treat, and I usually don't myself craving it. But beyond the inherent corniness of the genre, the songs usually don't appeal to me that much, being kind of heavy on wailing (both from the singer and lead guitarist). As a result, I mostly tend to avoid power metal. So, I'm not sure how I ended up with this. I must have read a good review somewhere? Or sometimes, I like to sample records from genres that I don't love just to see if maybe my tastes have changed.

They have not in this case.

Sandra Bell, "The Trees Can't Dance"

Hey, two in a row where I don't remember getting a thing! I sometimes wonder if I use Bandcamp in my sleep. Anyway, this IS in my Bandcamp collection, and I clearly bought it as part of a binge (as I bought at least three other records that day). It was in April last year, which seems a little late for a year end roundup? It was a Tuesday, so probably not a new release roundup? I dunno! I don't remember listening to this!

Sebadoh, "Decide"

Sebadoh's 1999 album, The Sebadoh, was supposed to be a record where they really got it together and acted totally like a real band. And it's not bad, but some of Sebadoh's charm came from the sloppiness and the sort of urgent insistence of the songs. Some of those qualities just aren't present on this album, which makes it not their best work.

Killdozer, "I'm Not Lisa"

Heavy music has a tendency towards pretension and ponderousness, which can be a bit much to take. See the discussion of power metal above. However, that's often better than groups that are trying to be funny, because usually they can't pull it off, and it's just painful. Killdozer being a band that actually legitimately can be funny is a rare treat, then. At least a fair bit of it is from Michael Gerald's unique delivery, but there's also something hilariously arch about their stuff.

Joshua Buergel
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