Five Songs, 5/24/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/24/2022

Einstürzende Neubauten, "Haus der Lüge"

As the wave of industrial dance started to crest in the late 80s, Einstürzende Neubauten's 1989 record Haus der Lüge was released with a couple of songs on it that, if you squinted hard enough, kind of fit in. This song, while being far more interesting than a lot of stuff under that industrial dance umbrella, nevertheless shares some of the same groove and had some crossover potential. They even released "Feurio!" as a single with remixes. I have no idea if it succeeded, my little bubble found Neubauten and gleefully dove into the back catalog. But I like to think that maybe some Nitzer Ebb fans got Neubauten-pilled by this album.

Anderson .Paak, "Winners Circle"

There are a lot of rhythmic changes in this song that are really neat to pick up on if you pay close attention to it. It's nice to have a record that really rewards active listening.

Crimpshrine, "Another Day"

Crimpshire? Not as much!

Slick Rick, "Kit (What's The Scoop)"

The Great Adventures of Slick Rick is a massively influential record. The production was very much of a piece with other rap records of the time, but his wordplay, storytelling, and willingness to be filthy all were groundbreaking in their own ways. For better or worse with the latter. In return, there are literal echoes of this record still happening in hip-hop records to this day, with nods and references to it constantly appearing, alongside occasional covers and direct homages. Rick's delivery still sounds very smooth and modern in a lot of ways, further showing how his style became mainstream. It's an important record to understand where hip-hop came from.

The Minus 5, "There Is No Music"

Au contraire, there certainly is music! Five songs worth.

Joshua Buergel
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