Five Songs, 5/25/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/25/2022

The Magnetic Fields, "The Way You Say Good-Night"

You know, the only Magnetic Fields record I've ever heard is this one. There are a lot more, and I have no idea if this record is an outlier in their sound or not. When they started making records, I wasn't into this sort of music, and I just never looped back to check it out. I guess I'll just keep the mystery alive. They could sound like Meshuggah or whatever on their other records, and I'll never know.

The Boards of Canada, "Turquiose Hexagon Sun"

One time, I had a travel mug open up in my work bag and get tea all over my laptop. It was completely shot, so I headed in to IT to try and get it fixed. I'm standing in line and waiting, and the IT guys had this album playing. I lean over and say "Boards of Canada? I love this record." and next thing you know, they're not giving me any shit about spilling tea all over the damn place and they're getting me all fixed up. Most albums have never done that much for me!

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Calvin"

An IT department bumping JSBX seems like it would be kinda chaotic, though. Deliberately throwing fans off so they whine. An inexplicable smear of grease across the screen. Your computer suddenly gives off a musky scent for some reason. The touchpad is sweaty. But hell, it's probably worth it, it would be a party.

The McRackins, "Bittergreen"

Somehow, this seems like kind of a median IT department song. I've known a lot of people in IT who were into punk, it just seems natural.

Stevie Wonder, "For Once In My Life"

If I'm going to rank an IT department by how much I trust them based on which of these songs they're rocking, I'm going:

  1. Boards of Canada
  2. The McRackins
  3. Stevie Wonder
  4. JSBX
  5. Magnetic Fields

Sorry, that's just not appropriate IT music.

Joshua Buergel
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