Five Songs, 5/27/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/27/2022

Skinny Puppy, "Riverz End"

At this point, I find it charming when I find an edgy-z spelling. This was cutting edge stuff at one point. You saw a "z" instead of an "s", and you knew you were in for some attitude.

Foetus, "Sick Minutes"

Limb is a compilation of un-released material from Foetus pulling from the very early years of the band. It's an interesting historical document, showing where J.G. Thirlwell came from, but it's largely going to only be interesting to fellow Foetus sickos.

Stevie Wonder, "I Was Made to Love Her"

I should just start shuffling Stevie Wonder instead of the garbage I usually play around here. It would just be better for everybody.

Queen, "Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon"

Every time this song comes up somewhere, my kids will invariably say that it sounds like the Muppets. And they aren't wrong.

H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, "Arkham Dunwich"

Yes, this is from a Lovecraftian musical called A Shoggoth on the Roof. Yes, you basically know what this sounds like.

Joshua Buergel
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