Five Songs, 5/28/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/28/2022

The Skatalites, "Black Sunday"

I've mentioned it before, but Stretching Out is probably the best single Skatalites album. This is a double live album from 1983, during a time when all of the eight surviving original members were back together in the wake of the second wave reviving interest in ska. It catches the band at the top of their form, full of energy, playing many of their greatest songs. If not for the sad absence of Don Drummond, I'd say it catches them at the absolute height of their powers, a neat trick for a band that has played music across six decades.

King Crimson, "Walking On Air"

I think it's kind of interesting how prog rock has evolved from something like this (or earlier King Crimson) to the spastic show-offery of modern prog.

Logic, "100 Miles and Running"

Lemme tell you, that "Apache" loop will always get me riled up. It's been sampled a zillion times, and still sounds fresh.

Rogue Wave, "Salesman at the Day of the Parade"

Every Rogue Wave song sounds like the sensitive, touching song that indie bands would throw into an otherwise rock record. But they're all like that. Kind of messes with me.

The Lion's Daughter, "Suicide Market"

See, this gets described as progressive, at least as a modifier to other genres. I rest my shitty case.

Joshua Buergel
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