Five Songs, 5/31/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/31/2017

I didn't quite make it all the way through May without missing a day. I didn't put anything up for 5/7, and I kind of wish I'd managed to hit every day. Well, June is coming up, and maybe I can nail every day in that month! As always, there's music around here.

MU330, "Around You"

At this point, third-wave ska band MU330 has to be the most obscure band that's been on here three times. It's pretty funny, I haven't listened to most of this stuff for a long time, but it's all come right back to me upon listening again. I can still whistle a fair number of the horn lines. And for that, I'm sorry for anybody near me.

DJ Q-Bert, "Movement 3: Inside-Out Body Warp"

I wonder if turntablism will even make sense to my kids. Part of the appeal to me is simply amazement at the ability of these artists to get a record player to do these things and make these noises. As my kids will likely lack any real understanding of record players, that part of the fascination will go away. Of course, there are plenty of other charms to this music.

The Solids, "Blame Confusion"

It's been a while since we've had a band that I have no memory of putting into my library. That streak is over! Allmusic tells me this is a duo, and they're putting out a pretty good racket for just two people. Solid enough rock track here, I'm enjoying this. Good work, previously unknown to me band!

Floyd Newman, "Frog Stomp"

Here we've got a fun bit of instrumental soul from the Atlantic years. I can't emphasize how great it is to have these comps so that they pop up like this in-between other stuff.

The Evens, "Get Even"

Ian MacKaye is back again! With another non-Fugazi project. The Evens is his post-Fugazi band, a duo with his wife Amy Farina. It's a quieter, less abrasive project than Fugazi, but it's still recommended. This track is from their second album, Get Evens, which is probably my favorite of the three.

(NB: skip to 34:10 in the video for the song in question, which I couldn't find isolated into its own video.)

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