Five Songs, 5/4/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/4/2018

Sorry we've missed a couple days around here. I'm gonna lie and say it's not going to happen again. All good now! Here's today.

Tricky, "Demise"

We've heard from Portishead and Massive Attack, and now it's time to hear from the other giant of trip-hop, Tricky. Tricky's debut, Maxinquaye, ranks up there with Dummy and Blue Lines as one of the masterpieces of electronic music from the early to mid 90s. Alas, this does not come from Maxinquaye, but from the much later Angels With Dirty Faces, which is only so-so.

Xasthur, "A Gate Through Bloodstainer Mirrors"

Sometimes, black metal in particular ends up so far in the murk that it can be difficult to really tell what's going on. I mean, aside from a racket. But, you know, occasionally you want the racket to be a little more discernable.

NoFX, "Life O'riley"

Y'all, Fat Mike sounds so young on this album! This album came out in 1989, and that kind of weirds me out. I'm not really sure why. I listen to lots of shit that's this old. I'm dumb! Anyway, NoFX has made an awful lot of records. This is indisputably one of them.

Yo La Tengo, "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"

Yo La Tengo goes into the studio every year to support legendary radio station WFMU. People who pledge enough money can request a song and Yo La Tengo will take a stab at it. They don't always know what they're doing, but they'll have a go. They compiled some of Yo La Tengo Is Murdering The Classics, which is more or less what it says on the tin. Definitely for completists only, it's still kind of fun in a "flipping around on AM radio" kind of way.

Bad Religion, "Give You Nothing"

I think I really want Bad Religion to be sloppier. They clearly know what they're doing, but they leave me cold. I probably said the same thing about them last time, didn't I. I'm not going to check. We've all moved on, past me!

Joshua Buergel
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