Five Songs, 5/6/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/6/2022

Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars, "Bad Company"

I wonder what the Junior Allstars sound like?

The Orb, "Close Encounters"

I think last time, we talked about ambient, and how it doesn't always work that well for me. Well, let's see if anything has changed, because we have ten minutes of it to listen to together! I'll see you on the other side, if I'm still awake.

Death Grips, "Spikes"

What's the opposite of ambient? Anyway, I'm awake now!

The 2016 Death Grips album, Bottomless Pit, is...well, not accesssible. But more accessible? I mean, it's still frantic noise and bellowing, so it's never going to be to the taste of most people. But the production is really nice on this record, and the songs are pretty coherent, so it's a decent on-ramp.

Ryan Porter, "The Instrumental Hip-Hoppa"

Delightful! I wish I could say more.

Built to Spill, "The Weather"

A thing I've always wondered a little about is if the pause between Keep It Like a Secret and Ancient Melodies of the Future didn't hurt the songs on this album. This could have been just a lovely little love song, something that would have fit on There's Nothing Wrong with Love, but then the arrangement got kind of intrusive. And maybe that's not the sort of thing that would have happened with less time between the records? Eh, I'm probably wrong.

Joshua Buergel
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