Five Songs, 6/1/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/1/2022

The Flaming Lips, "The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine"

They should have kept that noise from the first few seconds going throughout. Just go full abrasive. It would make me happy, anyway.

Mudhoney, "Burn It Clean"

One of the delightful bits of early Mudhoney is how often you can just hear someone yelling, belching, or otherwise making noise at the beginning or ending of tracks. It's an excellent choice to leave that stuff in. The "hey jackass!" at the start of this really sets the tone.

Janelle Monáe, "Make Me Feel"

A "hey jackass!" in front of this track, on the other hand, probably wouldn't contribute the correct atmosphere.

Durand Jones & the Indications, "Sea Gets Hotter"

I will not just make "hey jackass!" comments for every other song today, even though it would be an easy way to have something I could say for everything. That would be a cheap rhetorical trick, and we don't go in for cheap rhetorical tricks around here. No, we favor bland meta-commentary when we need to fill things up. That's the only legitimate way to waste people's time.

1.8.7, "Stigma"

You know, I do remember buying this record a while back, and even listening to it back then. But then it got shelved with the CDs, towards the front, and my memory slowly transformed this act in my brain into a scruffy DIY punk act. It is not. Apparently it's an NYC drum'n'bass producer. Who knew? Me, twenty-something years ago, I suppose. The things you learn around here.

Joshua Buergel
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