Five Songs, 6/12/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/12/2021

Crudbump, "My Dick's On The Phone [Explicit]"

I don't normally include the "[Explicit]" tags on songs, but I think you all need that warning when we're facing something as nasty as Crudbump.

Has-Lo, "Got My Mind"

This is from Has-Lo's tribute to Prince Paul, The Paul Tape, an instrumental record in the style of the legendary producer. And if anybody hasn't encountered it yet, Open Mike Eagle's podcast, What Had Happened Was, is tremendous and has an entire season with Prince Paul.

Blackalicious, "Sky Is Falling"

Fuck yeah! Blazing Arrow is so fuckin' good. Listen to this shit! I got nothing, just go listen to this album.

Descendents, "Silly Girl"

I Don't Want To Grow Up gets a little lost in the Descendents discography. The debut album made their legend, Enjoy! has all the, uh, toilet stuff, All is simultaneously the most mature and the weirdest, and this one doesn't really stand out. That said, it's still chock full of solid songs, and is such a nice listen, it's a shame it gets forgotten.

Wilco, "I'm Always In Love"

Summerteeth found Wilco really decisively moving past the alt-country into their broader blend of pop and rock that they have been working on since. And it's songs like this that really brought home those changes. It's a little hard to picture this on A.M. or Being There, but it sits comfortably on Summerteeth.

Joshua Buergel
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