Five Songs, 6/13/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/13/2021

Astronoid, "Resin"

We've frequently talked here about the blurry space between black metal and shoegaze, and some of the bands occupying that liminal space. There's a fair bit of distance to travel between My Bloody Valentine and Bathory, mind you, but because they do exist on something of a continuum, most of the spots in-between are viable. So, today, we have Astronoid: those drums and rhythms are pretty metal, but the dreamy vocals and triumphant tilt to the music is very shoegaze. This record really very much sits at the midpoint, I'd say.

Belle & Sebastian, "Winter Wooskie"

I'm almost totally certain that I have more releases from They Might Be Giants than any other band, thanks to prolific output over decades, my prediliction for collecting all of it, and even having a decent number of singles and EPs. I've been wondering who second place is, though, and I think it might be Belle & Sebastian. The career isn't as long, but I've bought a lot of their smaller releases, because they tend to be excellent, so that really inflates the count. For instance, this is one of the b-sides on the "Legal Man" single, and it's a really nice tune.

Mudhoney, "Good Enough"

This is one of the tracks on the second Mudhoney album, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, where it became clear that the band had really broken out of the grunge shackles. Which is impressive, because grunge hadn't yet broken out, as it would be several months before Nevermind was released. Nevertheless, Mudhoney was already kind of moving on.

Eels, "Railroad Man"

Eels were always restless, wandering across the pop landscape for their songs. 2005's Blinking Lights and Other Revelations, a double album, has everything on it, to varying effect. This track is one of their more successful excursions out of the ordinary, just a sweet country song well executed.

Young Fresh Fellows, "Taco Wagon"

A slice of pure joy here. I smile every time this song comes on.

Joshua Buergel
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