Five Songs, 6/14/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/14/2018

I think this is the longest Five Songs yet!

Inter Arma, "The Cavern"

Oooh, have we got a treat today! Doom metal band Inter Arma have always played around with doom's template and exploring where it could go. On today's track, they check in on what happens if they stretch things out to 45 minutes. That's right, this is the entirety of the album as one single track. It's a delight, and I'm just going to let you all lean in to it.

The Apples In Stereo, "What's The #?"

Wasn't that great? Oh yeah, we have to do four more songs today. It's the Apples in Stereo, making something that is absolutely the opposite of doom metal. But listen to the shredding for that solo!

Badly Drawn Boy, "Cause A Rockslide"

More indie pop! I guess it's a balance against the relentless heaviness we led today off with. Anyway, this is another track from The Hour of Bewilderbeast with is excellent as always.

The Men, "Ridin' On"

I first encountered The Men in one of Jon Bois's videos, and they sounded like the goddamn apocalypse in his video. "I have to listen to this!" I thought. And, sure enough, Leave Home was an album right in my wheelhouse. I mean, listen to this! (By the way, Bois is a goddamn genius.) Anyway, The Men are great. This song comes from Devil Music, which finds the band going for a lot of garage rock.

Kanye West, "School Spirit Skit 1"


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