Five Songs, 6/15/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/15/2018

Here's today's list.

Destroyer, "Mad Foxes"

Your Blues is maybe the most Bowie of Destroyer's albums, which is really saying something. I feel like I've made that comparison before. (looks) Hey, I haven't! Anyway, this is very Bowie-ish. BOOM FRESH INSIGHT

411, "The Naked Face"

"Samiam or 411" would be a challenging game at times. It's also a game that, like, four people are qualified to play.

Floor, "West"

Listen to how huge those guitars are, they wound like the inside of an industrial machine. And then they all lay out and let the drummer have some? Bliss! It's a move that so many bands have pulled, and it's because it works. If I were in a band, I'd have everybody get out and let the dummer have plenty! In fact, maybe we should just have the drummer! Hell yes just drums.

Badly Drawn Boy, "40 Days, 40 Fights"

One of my favorite songs from Have You Fed The Fish?, this album is maybe the most polished thing Badly Drawn Boy put together. That's not always to the good, as sometimes some rough edges help highlight his beautiful pop songs. But it's nevertheless a strong collection of songs.

J-Live, "Nights Like This"

You know, a drawback of leaving out the "previously"s is that these entries look shorter. I recognize that that's the blogging equivalent of shrinking your margins and increasing your typeface size, but whatever. Now I look lazy!

Uh, where was I? Um, big ups to the person who just put the text of this song as "hip hop". Enlightening!

This article is done!

Joshua Buergel
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