Five Songs, 6/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/15/2021

Run the Jewels, "Early (feat. BOOTS)"

I still think Run The Jewels 2 is the best album from them. In fact, let's do this!

Run The Jewels 2
R.A.P. Music (aka RTJ 0)
Run the Jewels 3
Run the Jewels
Meow the Jewels

Broham, "Nothing In Common"

Oh man, that is sweet. Listen to that bass! The horns!

Baby Elephant, "Turn My Teeth Up!"

Baby Elephant is eccentric genius Prince Paul teaming up with funk legend Bernie Worrell for an album of off-kilter funk. Worrell is incapable of not sounding like a million bucks, and Prince Paul is, as mentioned a sentence ago, a genius. So, this album rules.

Army of Juan, "Late Night Dining"

A one-and-done band on Moon Ska, distinguished by...nothing, really. Some real Less Than Jake vibes here, but without a compelling reason to listen to it instead of the real deal.

The Mekons, "Wicked Midnite"

This song reminds me of something, and it's driving me crazy. And we haven't yet perfected "what am I trying to come up with over here" technology on our phones. So I'm screwed! Fuck you, brain!

Joshua Buergel
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