Five Songs, 6/17/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/17/2018

Six songs today! I should probably just automatically skip everything with Jay-Z in it.

The Slackers, "Real War"

I don't listen to Close My Eyes very much. Primarily because the second song on it, "Old Dog", really kind of upsets em. It's a good album, though, and I really should listen to it more often. Here, we catch the Slackers going into dub some, which they do every now and again.

Squirtgun, "Social"

Another in a long line of mostly forgotten Lookout bands, Squirgun cheerfully played pop punk in the house style. They did it well, so this can be a perfectly fun album to listen to, if perhaps a little predictable. There was a period of my life when I couldn't really get enough of this kind of thing, as you might have noticed if you've been following these for a while.

In looking up the video, I discovered that Kevin Smith used this as the intro to Mallrats. I guess that makes this one of the more famous, um, forgotten Lookout songs.

The Four Tops, "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever"

We're here in 1966, visiting with the always amazing Four Tops. Motown, we miss you!

Tobacco, "Backwoods Altar"

Tobacco is one of the members of Black Moth Super Rainbow, and their solo work is not too far away from the main band. The same kind of synth work, the same kind of vocorder vocals, the same kind of approach. If I'm in the right mood, this stuff sounds great.

9th Wonder, "My First Song"

Another one of the Black Album remixes, this one doesn't quite land as hard as some of the other remixes in the collection.

And yes, it was blocked by YouTube.

The Spinanes, "Hawaiian Baby"

This comes from an EP, Imp Years, which is great like everything else that the Spinanes produced. This EP collected some early singles from the band, and is worth seeking out.

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