Five Songs, 6/18/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/18/2018

Great one today!

Run The Jewels, "Early"

Run The Jewels 2 is just perfect. El-P's beats have never sounded better, Killer Mike's rhymes have never soudned better, the guests are fantastic. It's just such a great album, one of the highlights of music this decade.

Hepcat, "The Secret"

It's a repeat! Still, Hepcat is always welcome around here.

Minutemen, "Martin's Story"

I always feel like categorizing the Minutemen as a hardcore band is such a bad idea. They get lumped in there because they would occasionally take that tempo, and of course they were labelmates with a bunch of hardcore bands. But they're so much different, so much more open to experimentation. Just listen to this!

Fugazi, "Swingset"

Instrument is the soundtrack to the documentary film of the same name. It's also the only inessential Fugazi record, as the focus on outtakes really demonstrates why some of this stuff didn't make the cut originally. It's not bad exactly. Just inessential.

Pavement, "Fillmore Jive"

Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, though, is essential. This is the closer to that magnificent record, and demonstrates how Pavement could really sound majestic when they chose to. For a band with a reputation for being elliptical goofuses, they could still tug at your heartstrings when they chose to.

It's a shame that that Fugazi track isn't better, because this would be one of the best Five Songs ever if it were. It's still up there! And we have one more song to go, thanks to the repeat! Don't choke, shuffle!

Hot Snakes, "Who Died"

I'LL TAKE IT. While Drive Like Jehu would have been better, Hot Snakes were great. Nice hustle today, shuffle!

Joshua Buergel
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