Five Songs, 6/19/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/19/2018

Well, it's not as good as yesterday.

Pitchblende, "Ambient Noise"

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I knew today wasn't going to be as good as yesterday, but this is not a great beginning.

Mr. Review, "One Way Ticket"

This comes from an album called One Way Ticket To Skaville. Say what you want about Skaville, but it's very clean. Basically no litter. After all, everybody there is just so willing to pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.

Amy Winehouse, "Me & Mr. Jones"

One of the most famous albums of the soul revival of recent years, Back to Black is a tremendous album, with Amy's wonderful songs, and the delightful throwback production. It effortlessly evokes not just the sound but the feel of Motown, a difficult trick that has defeated plenty of artists. This album is also the one that brought the Dap-Kings into the limelight, as they backed Winehouse on it. I lament only that we didn't get any records after this one, with Winehouse's sad end taking away so much of her career.

The Beatles, "In My Life"

Rubber Soul is a good album. I think these Beatles might go somewhere!

Art Brut, "Emily Kane"

This is such a perfect Art Brut song. We've got a well-constructed guitar pop song here, really nicely done, married to the relentlessly non-musical half-spoken vocals. It's such a cracked combination.

Joshua Buergel
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