Five Songs, 6/20/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/20/2018


Dale Crover, "Hillbilly Math"

Here we find Dale Crover playing one of the most straightforward rock songs that he's probably ever been involved with. I guess you can see how this might not really be a Melvins song, and I'm not sure it's really necessary, but whatrever, it's totally fine.

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, "Such Is Love, Such Is Life"

We're in 1963 with this song today. Frankly, Smokey is sounding a little Chipmunk-y on this song, making this a little less than the best from him.

Less Than Jake, "Weekends All Year Long"

This is pretty late-period Less Than Jake, from 2013's See The Light. It finds the band sounding more or less like they've always sounded, but there's a little bit of an edge missing or something else. It's hard to exactly put my finger on it, but it's just a step behind their peak material. Maybe it's just that it doesn't differentiate itself enough, so I just prefer the stuff I'm familiar with.

Samiam, "Where D'ya Go"

Math time! (Less Than Jake) - horns = ?

That's right, Samiam! Wait, hang on, this is from before Less Than Jake. So, (Samiam + Horns) = Less Than Jake. Still works!

Descendents, "Parents"

And, let's head even further back! This is just pure, uncut snotty punk from the some of the kings of the form. For all I know, you could probably trace inspiration directly from the Descendents to Samiam to Less Than Jake. It's plausable! Although Less Than Jake probably also listened to a ton of Descendents themselves.

Joshua Buergel
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