Five Songs, 6/18/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/18/2017

Quite a mixed bag today, with a smattering of electronics, a weird-ass rock band, and one of the foundations of funk. Sounds pretty good, right?

Diamond Fist Werny, "Fountain Head"

A Seattle band that got going in the early 90s, but not playing what you think. In particular, one of the founders played the bass clarinet, which is not an especially grunge instrument, let's be honest. As you can hear on this song, they also added electronics to their sound as time went on.

Monrovia, "Theme From Alyssa"

I...don't know what this is. There's precious little evidence of it online, with Allmusic just throwing up their hands. It is present at Discogs, so it's not totally a fever dream of mine. I have no recollection of how this ended up in the collection, who might have been in it, nothing. Who knows? Anyway, it seems to be some kind of ambient-ish electronic thing. Pleasant enough.

Primus, "Grandad's Little Ditty"

Primus is, of course, totally ridiculous. And the further you go in their discography, the more ridiculous they get. But I'll defend Sailing the Seas of Cheese and especially Frizzle Fry as being excellent albums. Yes, they go over the top in spots, but the wackiness is something you can deal with and it's worth it for the acrobatics performed by the band, especially the rhythm section.

This, of course, is just a throwaway track.

Horse Lords, "Intervention I"

Horse Lords! Great name. Anyway, what we have here is mostly rhythmic exploration, using electronics, saxophone, weird tunings, and all kinds of oddball compositions. When it's working, it's really nice and drone-y and surprising and even when it's not great, it's at least interesting.

Ohio Players, "It's All Over"

One of the great funk bands, Ohio Players seem like they don't get as much mention these days as some other bands, which is a shame, especially given how much their stuff got sampled and appears in later music. Like, listen to the washes of keyboard on this track. Albums like Pleasure, Skin Tight, Fire, and Honey are all still great listens to this day.

Joshua Buergel
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