Five Songs, 6/19/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/19/2017

This is ostensibly a game blog still, so I'll just mention that copies of Fox in the Forest are in people's hands! We had a limited number available for sale at Origins, and people seem pleased so far. And by people, I mean my friends who have played it. Still, it's a good start! Here's today's music. For the first time ever, every entry has a "previously" associated with it.

The Wedding Present, "Don't Be So Hard"

The Wedding Present arrived as a more-or-less fully formed band, with all the frenetic pop and downbeat lyrics that would be their signature for years. This song is from their first album, George Best, which is fantastic. I first encountered it when a listener made a request on my radio show, and I picked a track randomly to play. I loved it instantly.

KC Bowman, "Capital I"

KC Bowman returns with one of the best songs off the album that I have from him, a bouncy piano driven pop song.

The Supremes, "He Holds His Own"

As one of the best known bands on Motown, the hits from the Supremes are as well-known as any pop songs around, and rightfully so. This song, from 1965, is right from their prime years and sounds fantastic.

Modest Mouse, "Lounge"

This song, from This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About is another glimpse into what the band would become. Isaac Brock's yelp is, of course, instantly recognizable, but things like the jagged jangle of the first half of the song and the cello driven breakdown of the back half all foreshadow sounds that would appear on later (and better) albums.

Kanye West, "Last Call"

I still have nothing to add to the corpus of writing about West. Sorry about that. I do pretty much always enjoy the chipmunk vocals thing, though, and the ending of this song is an interminable ramble.

Joshua Buergel
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