Five Songs, 6/19/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/19/2022

Tortoise, "Charteroak Foundation"

Tortoise had five years between this record and the previous one (not counting their collab with Bonnie "Prince" Billy), and when they came back, they were sounding pretty energized. This track is a good example - it starts out sounding like a contemplative piece of post-rock, but it eventually turns into what sounds like at least two different songs being played at the same time. Fun stuff!

Pig Destroyer, "House of Snakes"

The most recent Pig Destroyer album (Head Cage) is a long ways away from the grindcore that they are known for. Nowhere is that more apparent than on the album closer, this little ditty, seven minutes of what's basically sludge instead of grindcore. They added a bass player to this album, and I guess it all went to their heads.

Jurassic 5, "Freedom"

The second Jurassic 5 album isn't quite as raw as the first one, but it's also not quite as energetic and playful. It has plenty of bangers on it, but that trend towards taming their sound would unfortunately sink the band, as this is their last good album.

One Groovy Coconut, "Now or Later"

Yet another side-project of the New York City ska scene, One Groovy Coconut was also a one-and-done band. And it's a shame, because their take on the sound was delightful - bouncy and sprightly, it's an extremely good time. For some reason, I also pick up some Elvis Costello vibes from them. It's a totally forgotten record at this point, but it's legitimately one of the hidden gems of the third wave.

Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz, "My Block"

A pretty good day today!

Joshua Buergel
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