Five Songs, 6/25/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/25/2022

David Bowie, "Heroes"

I know that as an underground rock dork, and a fan of experimental music, I should really regard Heroes (or at least the Eno years) as Bowie's peak. But I just can't do it. Gimme the Ziggy Stardust stuff first, please.

Daft Punk, "Revolution 909"

Daft Punk's first LP (Homework) took house music and brought it to disco, and by resurrecting that sound of the 70s, managed to sound fresh. I think they'd do a lot more with the formula later, but this is where it started.

Really obscure stuff today, huh?

Clipse, "Intro"

Goddamn, those Neptunes beats hit so hard. This album bangs so hard.

Keeping it underground so far!

Full of Hell, "Industrial Messiah Complex"

OK, you all have your opinions of Full of Hell, so you probably don't need my thoughts here.

Sicko, "fB Song"

Gonna break out of the conceit here to just mention that A Brief History of Sicko is a comp of their miscellaneous non-album tracks, and as a certified Sicko sicko, I adore it. The Sicko discography isn't super long, but we here at Five Songs celebrate all of it.

Joshua Buergel
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