Five Songs, 6/24/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/24/2022


We're still trying to clear the dust from the emergency remodel around here. Still lots of work to clean up the visuals, and the posting schedule is likely to be a bit erratic for a while. Apologies!

Jonathan Coulton, "Still Alive"

Yes, the song from "Portal". But even though some of the worst dudes you know get far too excited about this, it's a fun tune. Don't let the nerds ruin shit!

Hath, "Apparition"

No recollection hath I of picking this up. Given that this wasn't released on a label, and given the time, I'm guessing this was from a bundle that I picked up somewhere. Metallum tags these guys as "progressive blackened death metal", and I dunno, doesn't seem especially blackened to me. I guess I sorta buy the progessive modifier? Ehh, I guess it gets blacker towards the end. Also, I absolutely zoned out for about four minutes there.

The Mr. T Experience, "Parasite"

Making Things With Light is where I think MTX really put it together, and the run from here through Love Is Dead is charming. Just fun stuff all throughout.

Steely Dan, "Monkey In Your Soul"

I've read several folks saying something to the effect that Steely Dan is sort of the ultimate Dad Band, but I'm not really sure that's true. There are too many music critics who are enthusiastic and vocal about them, and there's just a little bit too much cache among the underground. I dunno, it's hard to knock the Rolling Stones off this particular perch.

Gas Huffer, "Overworked Folk Hero Guy"

Always a delight for Gas Huffer to show up here.

Joshua Buergel
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