Five Songs, 6/28/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/28/2021

Dire Omen, "Malkuth"

I'm not entirely sure where this came from. Discogs says it was a 2018 release, and by then, I've been buying virtually all of my music on Bandcamp. But Bandcamp says I don't own this. So, I dunno? Let's listen together...pretty murky. Doesn't particularly grab me. Oh well!

Courtney Barnett, "City Looks Pretty"

Everybody loved Barnett's first album, your humble host included. Her proper followup, Tell Me How You Really Feel, doesn't have quite the impact as the first one. It's certainly still good, but it doesn't have the same kind of outsider edge as the first album.

The Scofflaws, "I Can't Decide"

The Scofflaws, one of the mainstays of the NYC third wave, put out three records in the 90s to varying effect. The second Scofflaws album, Ska in Hi-Fi, is a delight, making the best use of their horn section and with the right balance of playful songs on the album. The first album isn't as tight, and the third album (which gave us today's song) is a little too rote. It's not bad, but it's sort of the equivalent of a genre novel: good for enthusiasts but skippable for everybody else.

Phoenix, "One Time Too Many"

Love the drums!

The Gospel Stars, "Have You Any Time For Jesus"

I do not, sorry Gospel Stars.

Joshua Buergel
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