Five Songs, 6/28/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/28/2022

Uzeda, "Female"

You know, there's more than a little similarity between Uzeda and the Dog Faced Hermans. There's no personnel connection between them, but there's a shared space of a kind of arty noise rock. Excellent stuff.

Squirrel Bait, "Kick the Cat"

No! Squirrel Bait, I just said nice things about you the other day. Don't kick the cat!

N.W.A, "Express Yourself"

When I worked at WRCT, there was shelf in the DJ booth with all the new releases that the program manager wanted us all to work into our shows. We were required to play a couple songs from that shelf each hour. You could choose whatever you wanted and there were always plenty of things across genres. To assist us with the task, every new release that came into the station was listened to by a member of the staff and we wrote up some quick notes on an index card to help DJs make good choices. A key thing to note on those cards was which songs were safe to play outside "safe harbor" - in other words, which ones didn't have profanity.

I remember getting this album out of the stacks one day, looking at the review card, and seeing that both this track and "If It Ain't Ruff" were both profanity-free. I couldn't believe anything on this album qualified, and I'd never actually noticed in all the times I'd played it.

Anyway, I played "Fuck the Police", because it was 4 AM on a Tuesday and nobody was listening.

Dr. Dre, "Intro"

Aw, just an intro track, it would have been fun to get a full track from Compton after that one.

Young Fresh Fellows, "Rock 'n' Roll Pest Control"

The first song on the first Fellows album! This is where it started, enjoy!

Joshua Buergel
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