Five Songs, 6/29/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/29/2022

Public Enemy, "LSD"

Flavor Flav belting out "cancer!" in the first verse always kills me. Also, I always appreciate it when rappers Remember A Guy, with Nick Van Exel getting name checked here.

The Grifters, "Spaced Out"

I'm pretty sure that I've lamented this before, but it's a real shame that the Grifters managed to get to Sub Pop, the relative big time, and only released one record there before breaking up. I suppose they didn't exactly fit into the general grunge aesthetic (grunty guitars and gruntier singers), but they at least fit pretty well alongside both Pond and the Afghan Whigs, both of whom made the majors. Well, anyway, all five of the Grifters records are worthwhile, with this one being the most polished of the bunch.

Pitchblende, "Karoshi"

I should run some analytics to see what percentage of my collection comes from what years. I'm guessing that the early- to mid-90s are probably my densest period, just because I was in college and all I did was collect and listen to music. At any rate, here's more early 90s rock!

Jeff Rosenstock, "You, in Weird Cities"

Jeff Rosenstock's second solo record, We Cool?, is where I think he found another gear. This album and the ones following it are rivaled only by PUP's records from the same time period for my favorite punk albums of the past bunch of years. It at least proves that I am capable of loving recent punk releases!

Mary Wells, "You Beat Me To The Punch"


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