Five Songs, 6/29/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/29/2018

Don't have a ton to say today!

The Goats, "The Boom"

The Goats were an underground rap act out of Philadelphia, notable for using a live band during their second album, from which this song comes. Musically they would have fit in with the Tommy Boy acts of the time, such as House of Pain. Overall, the first album was pretty charming, and the second one kind of dragged. Honestly, I can't remember listening to this stuff for probably 20 years.

Stevie Wonder, "The Miracles of Christmas"

While this is obviously a very early song from Wonder, you can also hear his distinctive voice really emerging, which makes this kind of a fun listen.

J-Zone, "Metrocard Millionaires"

J-Zone's persona on Pimps Don't Pay Taxes is a funny combination of bragging about being rich and broke simultaneously, which is always entertaining. This is from one of his pre-hiatus albums, when he still made those oddball carnival beats.

Dam-Funk, "Somewhere, Someday"

Kind of feeling electro-funk right now in general. Although this song doesn't really seem to go anywhere in particular.

Forest Swords, "Exalter"

Yeah, that's better. Thanks, Forest Swords! Love those dusty, distant drums here.

Joshua Buergel
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