Five Songs, 7/9/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/9/2018

Does it seem like I'm getting flakier with this things? I think I'm getting flakier. Whatever. I'm back!

Floor, "The Key"

This song is only 46 seconds. I really wish it were longer.

Crimpshrine, "Rearranged"

Crimpshrine didn't last long as a band, producing only one album and a smattering of EPs, singles, and compilation appearances. All of that latter material got collected into a single comp, The Sound Of A New World Being Born, which is an excellent document of the early Bay Area punk scene. As that scene would end up being hugely influential over rock, and Crimpshrine would be one of the key bands to help form that scene, this album is kind of like a glimpse into the future. Well, the past now. Whatever.

John Coltrane, "Sprial"

Last time I tried to talk about jazz, I nearly opened a portal into another dimension. So let's try something different: not talking about jazz. I think I'm qualified to do that!

I will say, this sounds pretty damn different if you listen to it with only one earbud in.

Cardi B, "Bickenhead"

Five Songs is almost current here! Anyway, after the massive success of "Bodak Yellow", Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy was one of the most anticipated albums of this year. I'm utterly un-plugged-in to the popular culture, but still managed to hear about it, so that tells you how big it was. Anyway, I figured it was worth a whirl, and it turns out to be pretty enjoyable. I really enjoy the beats that are somehow both spare and thunderous at the same time, and Cardi B is an interesting rapper.

PJ Harvey, "No Girl No Sweet"

Is This Desire? is an album that feels more personal and smaller than the three albums that proceed it. It's not precisely a retreat from the rage of the first two albums or the theatrics of To Bring You My Love, but it sort of feels a little that way. As a result, it gets a bit lost in her discography, including to me, as I don't find myself reaching for it very much. But, like everything she's done, it's well worth exploration.

Joshua Buergel
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