Five Songs, 6/4/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/4/2021

Irata, "Weightless"

I don't really remember where I heard about this record, 2019's Tower, but this rocks. But there's some real Torche vibes going on here, and that's a fine thing. This is good! I like this! Nice work, past Josh!

Don Caballero, "You Drink A Lot Of Coffee For A Teenager"

Hey, this past Memorial Day (I know this, because I'm writing this entry ON Memorial Day and I thought this today), I was thinking "huh, my oldest is at the age when I picked up a coffee habit". So, yeah, I sure did drink a lot of coffee for a teenager. Mostly while playing cards in diners. An excellent pursuit that I heartily recommend.

Vhol, "Insane With Faith"


Ludicra/Hammers of Misfortune guitarist John Cobbett rounded up some friends to record this absolutely raging hardcore/metal crossover, 2013's self-titled record. I loved it from the second I first heard it, and my affection has not declined at all in the ensuing years. This record is so good.

The Velvet Underground, "Sister Ray"

Well, here it is. Probably the signature piece of one of the most influential bands of all time, "Sister Ray" is 17 minutes of single-take noise and musical free association. It redefined what a rock band could be and could sound like, and it would be a touchstone for generations of bands afterwards.

Does it hold up? I'm not sure that's really a relevant question for a song like this. It was always a self-indulgent slab of wankery, and depending on your mood it can be trancelike or annoying. But the impact is unquestioned, so holding up isn't really important.

Built To Spill, "Liar"

Folks, I'm fried after that! You In Reverse, the first album after the hiatus, is pretty good! OK, I'm out!

Joshua Buergel
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