Five Songs, 6/5/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/5/2021

The Meters, "Funky Miracle"

Mostly, when we get a funk track on here, I just pull the textual equivalent of a stink face. "Goddamn," I'll say, or "holy shit" or some other incoherent blurt. It conveys nothing about the music other than my elemental appreciation for it. I'd like to apologize for my limitations as a writer here. I don't really know what I'm doing, or even why I'm doing it. I just like being connected to my music a little bit more, and this blog is a way to do that. And, if I may add: godDAMN.

They Might Be Giants, "Purple Toupee"

Another track from Lincoln, which I appreciate! Even as a duo, these guys could really crank out a catchy tune. This is basically just all nonsense, but it's very good sounding nonsense.

OutKast, "Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 1)"

It should be hard to really pick a favorite album from a catalog as strong as OutKast's, but for me it's not really: Aquemini, every time. I don't care for "Mamacita", but the rest of it just absolutely smokes, it's so ridiculously good.

Quicksand, "Dine Alone"

The first ten seconds of this song could have gone in so many different ways. That intro is like a Choose Your Own Adventure of loud rock songs.

BIG|BRAVE, "And As The Waters Go"

We just had a different track from this record a few days ago, but here's another 10 minute slab of drone from BIG|BRAVE.

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