Five Songs, 6/6/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/6/2021

The Pietasters, "Crying Over You"

I'm of the opinion that the Pietasters really fell off hard after Oolooloo, driven among other things by Stephen Jackson's vocals getting much more gruff and the band really starting to emphasize rock more and more. That said, there are still some fun tunes on their later records, such as this one from Awesome Mix Tape #6.

Nine Inch Nails, "The Big Come Down"

The Downward Spiral was a leap forward in complexity for Nine Inch Nails, as Trent Reznor really made use of a much broader set of tools. But I don't think it's his best record. I think that goes to The Fragile, the eventual follow-up that emerged as a double record and again makes another leap ahead. If nothing else, there's more of it, and when the quality is this high, that matters. He wouldn't ever quite hit these heights again, although there are plenty of excellent albums in the future.

Grandaddy, "I'm On Standby"

This is fine!

Squirrel Bait, "Kid Dynamite"

But this is better! I mean, yes, this is a Hüsker Dü impression, but it's a really GOOD Hüsker Dü impression.

Shudder To Think, "Chocolate"

Hell yeah old punk! This comes from the third Shudder To Think record, Funeral at the Movies, where Craig Wedren is showing some of the vocal pyrotechnics that would make the band famous, but he's not quite letting it all hang out yet.

Joshua Buergel
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