Five Songs, 6/9/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/9/2022

John Oswald, "O'hell (Sir Jim Moron)"

Beyond the disorienting pluderphonics thing being totally in Five Songs' wheelhouse, anything which calls Jim Morrison a moron is A-OK with us here.

The Melvins, "Honey Bucket"

The Melvins' 2021 release, Five Legged Dog, is an all-acoustic exploration of their sound. It features songs from across their entire catalog, alongside some assorted covers of other bands. This tune comes from their major label breakthrough (?) Houdini, and it's fun to hear an alternate take on it like this. It's impressive how heavy they can get this to sound without the usual roaring amps. This is an inessential record, but any Melvins weirdo needs to hear it.

UFO Or Die, "Barny Love Tape (Big Frame)"

As disorienting as plunderphonics is, it's got nothing on UFO Or Die.

The Perceptionists, "Frame Rupture"

The Perceptionists are Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, and DJ Fakts One, with a couple early 2000s albums before Mr. Lif went solo. But even as a solo artist, he still collaborated with both of the other guys, so the Perceptionists kind of sounds like a trial run for his later work. They would release a record in 2017 under this name as well, and if you like Mr. Lif, it's worth tracking this stuff down. If you don't, you're a goof.

PUP, "Matilda"

I love PUP so much.

Joshua Buergel
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