Five Songs, 7/11/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/11/2021

Pallbearer, "Over & Over"

This song comes from the 2016 single Fear & Fury, which was released after their breakthrough record, Foundations of Burden. It was a wise piece of striking while the iron is hot. Pallbearer plays doom metal, heavy and reliant on plodding tempos, and managed to kind of crossover by being fairly accessible due to the clean vocals. This stuff is pretty good, and I like it in the right mood, and Pallbearer does it as well as anybody does.

The Black Keys, "Gold On The Ceiling"

I got off the train at El Camino. It's not that it's a bad record, it's just not really what I was looking for from the Black Keys. It's a big, shameless, arena rock record, more glam than blues at this point. I really liked Brothers a lot, but with this record, the whole exercise kind of feels cynical to me.

Eugene Remus, "You Never Miss A Good Thing"

Hard to picture someone named "Eugene Remus" releasing a record on a significant label these days. Or even having a decent sized Soundcloud presence, honestly. Sorry to all the Eugenes Remus out there.

Sumerlands, "The Seventh Seal"

More throwback heavy metal from Sumerlands, and as usually, it just kind of makes me want to throw on some Iron Maiden.

Booker T. & the MG's, "Hip Hug-Her"

We've had this one before, but I ain't mad.

The Streets, "Turn The Page"

A thing I really appreciate about The Streets is that he's not attempting at all to really emulate the cadence or style of any American rapper. He's very much doing his own thing over here. It's recognizable as being in the same very broad genre, but it's otherwise totally different.

Joshua Buergel
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