Five Songs, 7/13/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/13/2022

Fifteen, "The End of the Summer"

Fifteen is one of the descendent bands of the legendary Crimpshrine, one of those bands that helped spawn an entire scene. Fifteen is where Jeff Ott ended up, and they kept going in the same vein, playing the melodic pop-punk that the Bay Area would soon become internationally famous for. If you love the style, you should check them out as one of the early bands in the scene.

Bad Brains, "I Against I"

One of the most distinctive bands in American hardcore, which is an impressive statement given that bands as diverse as the Minutemen, the Dead Kennedys, and NoMeansNo (among many others) were counted by at least some as hardcore. H.R. is the main show here, with his vocals really setting the band apart, but the fireworks provided by the entire band are not to be missed. I Against I is their best record, and it's mandatory if you're at all interested in hardcore.

Rebecca Gates, "Harlesden to Vals"

Rebecca Gates led the Spinanes through three excellent albums, and then set out on her own. She only made one solo record, though (and honestly, the Spinanes were just her with a drummer anyway, so it wasn't that different) before stopping releasing music. But a decade after, The Float popped up, and it's like she never stopped, picking right back up with her dreamy take on indie rock. Given how much I love the Spinanes, it was such a delight to hear from her again.

Future of the Left, "Back When I Was Brilliant"

This is currently the most recent Future of the Left studio record, and if this is it, they will have gone out on a high note. Made in 2016 with the help of a crowdfunding campaign, it features the band sounding particularly focused, with this song being one of the best on the record. It's hard to pick my favorite - ok, it's not, it's Curses, but it's hard to pick my second favorite, but it might be this.

milo, "Landscaping"

who told you to think??!!?!?!?! was the first milo record that seemed to get a lot of attention. I, at least, haven't heard anything before this, and so obviously that proves it. Anyway, it's great. Uh, I wish I could say more. Gotta run!

Joshua Buergel
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