Five Songs, 7/15/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/15/2018

Six songs today!

Belle & Sebastian, "Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John"

From Write About Love, a mostly forgettable album, but this is one of the songs that sticks with me from it. There's not a whole lot to it, musically, but it's certainly pleasant.

Jr Walker And All Stars, "Cleo's Mood"

You don't find that many instrumental soul tracks like this in the Motown catalog, but here we are with a sweet little tune from 1965.

Floor, "Kallisti"

A repeat, but whatever. Still fun!

The Slackers, "Yer Still Blue"

Another song from the Boss Harmony Sessions, a live-in-studio album featuring a mix of songs from previous records and new tunes. It's solid, as always.

Charles Mingus, "Hora Decubitus"

Will I run out of jokes about how I'm not qualified to talk about jazz?


J Church, "Not Given Lightly"

Have I talked about Nostalgic For Nothing from J Church before? It's a lengthy compilation they put out collecting tracks from a bunch of different places. It's a little incoherent, and there are a few clunkers on it, but the sheer quantity of songs on it makes it a great listen. Here, the band is doing a cover of the song by Chris Knox.

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