Five Songs, 7/2/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/2/2021

Arsonists, "Language Arts"

The Arsonists did their own production, which makes things like flipping these strings here so well all the more impressive. They never really got much attention at the time, but this kind of throwback stuff still sounds pretty fresh.

The Skoidats, "Last Night"

Ska punk, leaning heavily on the punk end of things, out of Missoula. They put out a couple records in the late 90s and then disappeared with most of the rest of the scene. It's ok enough, as these things go, but can probably be skipped.

Rocket From The Crypt, "Carne Voodoo"

...instead, take your punk straight! Or your garage rock! Whatever! Rockin' out over here!

The Popgun Seven, "Sticky Bun"

The Popgun Seven have popped up a few times here, and they're really unknown. They're not on Discogs, so they're basically invisible. As I mentioned, I think they opened for a band I saw, and I picked up this EP from the band directly. It's pretty good! Some Lawsuit vibes. (Nobody knows who Lawsuit is either.)

Arcwelder, "Smile"

This sort of mid-tempo crunchy rock song was everywhere in the mid-90s, and likely would have gotten categorized as grunge at the time, or at least adjacent to it. It's decently done, but not super memorable.

Joshua Buergel
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