Five Songs, 7/3/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/3/2021

The White Stripes, "Conquest"

Probably the most out-there song on Icky Thump, this flamenco goof is not only stylistically funny, but also happens to be a cover, making it another outlier on the record. It's pretty fun, though.

They Might Be Giants, "Weep Day"

This is from Mightathon, a compilation of b-sides and non-album tracks from their early years, roughly around Lincoln. There's some great stuff on this disc, many of which also appear on other comps, so it mostly can be skipped. I'm not sure it's really very readily available these days anyway.

James Plotkin, "Zanzibar"

When this album came up last time a couple months ago, I declared that I didn't remember picking it up, but it sounded like my kind of thing. Both things remain true!

Krallice, "IIIIIIII"

Krallice's 2012 release, Years Past Matter, their fourth record, continued their winning streak. Krallice's technicality allows them to pull off these massive compositions without them feeling repetitive. Like with so many metal acts, the fourth album also represented a conclusion. Metallica and Mastodon, for example, changed their sound quite a bit for their fifth albums. Krallice did as well, going from this relatively pure black metal sound to breaking the mold on Ygg Huur. So, if you're looking for just a tremendous black metal album, capturing an artist at the top of their form, this is a great choice.

Khlyst, "III"

And here, we have an artist from the other end of the form. I picked up this album off a year-end list in the Stranger back in 2006, and it's not good! I don't like it at all, it just seems like a mess. In looking at the credits, turns out...James Plotkin was on this record! And Jørgen Munkeby, the guy leading the excellent Shining! What the hell, why does this record suck?

Joshua Buergel
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