Five Songs, 7/24/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/24/2018

Hell yes.

Less Than Jake, "Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin"

Less Than Jake, especially during their heyday, put out tons of singles and compilation appearances. They've collected those on various comps, which are usually worth looking into. This is an alternate take of "Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin" (which originally appeared on Hello Rockview), this time showing up on the comp Goodbye Blue & White.

Son Volt, "Satellite"

I have an idea that Son Volt's range is not as wide as Wilco. (Before you say anything: no, you're not allowed to discuss Son Volt without a comparison to Wilco, it's part of the Universal Music Critic And Adjacent Commentator Standard Contract and Practices that we all have to sign before we get our blogging license.) Anyway, that notion is probably horseshit, but it's my horseshit. And now it's yours?

Anyway, this is a good song, and not the usual alt-country from Son Volt.

The Ethiopians, "Engine 54"

If you get a little ways into ska and the related genres, you will eventually start to wonder where the line is that divides ska from rocksteady from reggae. And there's no hard and fast rules, but the rough idea is that rocksteady is basically half tempo ska, and reggae is distinguished by being even more bass-heavy and with the guitar and piano being even more staccato.

At any rate, I'd suggest that this song should basically be the Standard Reference Rocksteady Song. If you're wondering if what you're listening to is rocksteady, listen to it, and then listen to this. Did it sound similar? You're listening to rocksteady.

Also: ahhhhhh. Just let that sink in.

Girls Against Boys, "Cruise Your New Baby Fly Self"

"Did somebody say bass-heavy," Girls Against Boys didn't ask of this blog, because nobody reads it, especially not them, and also they're long gone. "We're bass heavy too!" Knock it off fictional avatars of long-lost rock band Girls Against Boys! This bit is too dumb for my reader/listener!

Uh, anyway, Girls Against Boys had two bassists. And played a danceable kind of post-hardcore. Sometimes danceable.

Maybe I shouldn't do bits?

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Talk About The Blues"

OK, first of all, let me be clear: I love the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion for so many reasons. Extra Width and Orange are absolutely scorching hot, and I will love them until I'm planted. Orange is also one of the albums that was responsible for convincing Megan that I might be somewhat worthwhile. On top of THAT, during my phenominally boring job one summer pulling staples from telephone poles while the summer Spokane sun boiled my brain in a construction helmet, an ilicit Discman playing Extra Width and the New Bomb Turks' Destroy-Oh-Boy! basically kept me sane. So, fantastic band, adore them, owe them a lot.

Now then. Why in the rotisserie fuck did the world need a single for this song? Because I own a single for it, and jesus, it's pointless.

(NB: the version I listened to was slightly different, but I'm deeply uninterested in posting that version, so I linked to the album version.)

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