Five Songs, 7/28/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/28/2022

The Dramatics, "In the Rain"

A repeat, but happy to listen to it again.

Dirty Three, "Last Horse on the Sand"

Dirty Three are an instrumental post-rock band out of Australia, distinguished primarily by being led by a violinist. I'm actually more into this sort of sound than I was in the late 90s when this album came out, so maybe it's worth sitting with the band some more. They certainly have a lot of records out there.

Frank Black and the Catholics, "Bad Harmony"

There's something immediately recognizable about a Frank Black tune. Sure, this isn't peak Pixies or anything, but it's very much him, even before you hear him singing. I think the Catholics records are decent overall, but not earthshaking or anything. But, you know, I do really like listening to Black.

T.I., "Why You Wanna"

In looking, it appears that I only have this one album from T.I. I guess I wasn't paying too much attention to rap in the mid-2000s, huh?

Mule, "Sugarcane Zuzu"

I ran out of things to say about Mule.

Whiskeytown, "Factory Girl"

I should really listen to this album more often. This is hitting just right.

Oh yeah, that's that Five Songs insight right there!

Joshua Buergel
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