Five Songs, 7/29/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/29/2022

They Might Be Giants, "I Love You For Psychological Reasons"

Another tune from the big Dial-a-Song year of 2015, when they revived the old service and kept it going every week. Most of those songs got retooled a bit and re-recorded for a later record, with this one later appearing on Phone Power. It's a classic bouncy Linnell tune, the sort of song that I'll never get tired of.

Duke Ellington, "Sophisticated Lady"

As I wrote down the title of this song here, I had a memory of someone with a deep voice singing "soooooo-phisticated" that I couldn't immediately place. Took me a bit to figure out it was Mike Watt, and then a little bit after that to recall that it's from fIREHOSE's cover of Public Enemy's "Sophisticated Bitch" from their Live Totem Pole EP. So, you know, that's what Duke Ellington brings to mind for me.

Heh, I forgot that Watt bellows "yo Griff!" in this cover before his solo.

Edan, "Emcees Smoke Crack"

God, that beat is just so buttery, I want to spread it on some toast right now.

Superchunk, "Lying in State"

Superchunk released the Hit Self-Destruct EP (single?) shortly after No Pocky For Kitty, and it rips. "Cadmium" is a banger, as is this. The acoustic "Throwing Things" is also pretty good, so I guess I recommend this whole thing highly. You know, if this stuff wasn't gathered on some comp or another (Incidental Music 1991-95, for the record).

Richie Hawtin, "What The Hell Was That?"

The Five Songs theme song.

Joshua Buergel
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